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Summary: A chaplain with too many interests and degrees.

Nathan Alexander Strom

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Dragoon

Planet of Origin

Aldorn (a mature colony planet. It is a large earth like planet, with about 1..2 times earth gravity).




Captain (Chaplain)

Physical Appearance

Nate is a physically fit individual. His first C.O. believed that a Chaplain needs to keep up and go where his troops go. This has stuck with Nate because there is a connection between a healthy body and a healthy soul. Nate has short brown hair that is starting to thin on top. His eyes are a clear emerald green which can feel like they are looking through you. His complexion is clear and his clothes are very well kept.

Personality and interests

Nate cares about those under his watch, for him that is everyone he comes in contact with. He has two main loves in life - the care of souls and studying the past. He is starting to develop a love for the dragons since one picked him. He has advanced degrees in both theology and Archeology. He also has a working knowledge of about seven different languages (This means he can read and understand most things, and speak it somewhat).

He is, like most chaplains, a non-combat person. He does carry a side arm in an ankle holster when he is out in the field. He likes to shoot on the range, but regulations require he does this when the range is clear. Like many people, he likes to shoot weapons that make a big boom.

Nathan goes where his unit goes. If they end up doing pushups he does pushups. If they shovel shit, he shovels shit. He will do what his units are doing, if allowed (Chaplains have administrative, command, and religious duties that cut into being with the units). He is protective of his troops, especially the younger ones and would give his life to protect them.

Nathan collects books and artifacts from his travels. (Shelves and shelves of books)


Nathan grew up in a fairly comfortable home. Like many idealist young men he went and studied at the university. On an off world archeological dig he found an item that interested him and he was hooked. While earning his Ph.D. he ran across a lot of religious artifacts. Being curious he wanted to know more about what these people believed and why. This led to a crisis in his life and then eventually to the seminary and two more degrees.

Debt brought him into being a chaplain and it was a good fit for him. With his background he was sent on temporary assignment to the colony. When a sand dragon bonded with him, he became a Dragoon.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Okay, he does like a little of the dressing up in dress uniform at times.

Just for reference his title would be Dr. Rev. Dr. Nathan Strom, Chaplain (BCC)

People can call him Chaplain Nate, Chap, or Nate if they are out in the field.

I am picturing his dragon of being protective and territorial. The dragon would protect and fight to keep Nate and those that Nate cares about safe (aka Nate does not have 100% control)

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