Image of Smoke - Storms Dragon

Summary: White dragon

Smoke - Storms Dragon

Gender: Female

Age: 80

Group: Dragons

Planet of Origin




Physical Appearance

Smoke is a white dragon that has wings designed for speed and altitude rather than agility. Her best tactic is flying high then diving with the sun light so she is harder to see. She also has good ground fighting skills (tooth, claw, and tail) and is protective of Nathan and those he is trying to protect.

Personality and interests

Smoke's favorite past times are flying fast, eating, and sleeping in the sun light. She is an Omnivore. She is fond of pork and sweet things - fruits, sugar, and will graze on plants too. She understands more of what is going on around her than she lets people know. She knows that she is not the Alpha dragon of the community. She is also not the Omega. She tends to be easy going with her peers.

She is leery of strangers and people not where they belong when they are suppose to be there. She likes routine.


Smoke has had her first brood about 10 year ago and her children are still within the community. This was when Nathan met her the first time, he did a blessing of the brood which can be a tricky thing. It was the pocket full of sugar candy that Nathan carries to share with the children that caught her attention. Being male it took Nathan a bit to understand that Smoke was asking for some of the candy rather than demanding it.

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Image of Smoke - Storms Dragon
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