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Summary: One of The Queen's Lieutenants and Leader of The Pack

The Wendigo

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Outlaws

Planet of Origin



Raider who operates a raiding band known as "The Pack" that is affiliated with The Crimson Kingdom


The Lord of Pain
Lieutenant among The Queen's elite.
Leader of The Pack

Physical Appearance

Appears as a tall, muscular man wearing various pelts, including dragon hide, as well as a helmet made from an animal skull adorned with a crown of horns. Often seen wielding a massive claw hammer originally designed by Jericho butchers to penetrate the thick skull plate of a mammoth bison.

Personality and interests

The Wendigo is a fierce warrior loyal to his Queen and driven by a savage hunger for violence and blood. He gets his title from the mythical wendigo, an evil spirit which possesses those who have consumed the flesh of man. This is due to multiple reports of his cannibalistic practices on those he's captured and tortured.


The Wendigo and his pack have terrorized the south-western region of the main continent of Jericho for over a decade. They began to crop up as new settlers entered the region, attacking caravans and pillaging them for resources up to and including the very settlers themselves. Horror tales sprouted up of The Wendigo, a towering beast of a man who stalked rocky desert mountains with a pack of wild men, seeking hapless souls to rip and tear and consume.

And while exaggeration and hyperbole were added to these tales, the truth was horrifyingly accurate.

It wasn't until the dragoon were established that the raids on settlement and caravans were lessened. As dragoon peacekeepers began to weed out The Pack's various hovels in the mountains and various cave systems that worm their way through the region.

Yet The Wendigo continued to elude the dragoon, and many lost their lives to his mighty claw hammer. Soon his savagery reached the ears of The Crimson Queen who apparently provided him and his brood a new place to breed and grow. And while the dragoon continue to maintain a firm presence in their territory to keep attacks from occurring, The Wendigo and his Pack continue to be a persistent threat to the poor souls who have decided to settle in the region.

It is believed that The Queen uses The Wendigo and his Pack to further terrorize the people of Jericho, serving as a small army and hit squad. The Wendigo himself is a skilled warrior and one not to be trifled with.

It is believed that he is the one responsible for the brutal murder and torture of Dragoon Peacekeeper Owen Boston and the maiming of his dragon. A crime he will soon learn to regret...

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

His character profile also covers his personal band of raiders known as "The Pack." As such, whenever members of The Pack are in a post, select The Wendigo's icon to indicate their presence in a post.



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