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Summary: I've done a lot I am proud of, a lot I am not. But I am still here, with wind under my wings!

Emerson Holiday

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Gender: Male

Age: 33 (78)

Group: Colonists/Colonial Military/Other

Planet of Origin

Beeter's Cradle, Typhon V


Pilot, cargo runner for Jericho, moonlights every now and then as something else but prefers his work station.

Skilled in mechanical engineering of both vehicles and starcraft.


Afforded the rank of captain, concerning his ship

Worker/Militiaman/Mechanical Engineer

Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests

Jovial and willing to be a wingman, Emerson's good nature is only marred by the life he has lived to this point. He fills bitter for not being able to do much of anything due to his injuries against the wildcat attack some time ago.

Emerson enjoys flying, drinking, and ensuring that his ship is not only the sturdiest, but the fastest he can make it.


Emerson once cared about his past, often reminiscing some fond memories of Beeter's Cradle and running the belt with a profiteering crew in Typhon, but he has little time to face the past nowadays.

His military record for the Central Systems indicates he is a combat pilot, taking part in the Titan War during its final days of conflict. During that time, he tallied fourteen fighter kills and severely damaged cruiser with help from the rest of his wing. Even when he was shot down, he simply grabbed another fighter and fought harder.

During the wildcat invasion of Jericho, he partook in the defense of Orbital before being shot down. During the combat, he was severely injured and was forced to make an emergency landing at Clarke's Island. There he remained for some time until healed enough to be cleared to fly. Since, he continues to ply through the sky and black, offering services as a mechanical engineer.

Player Notes

Call Sign: Zeke

Continuation of this character from the previous Jericho's Landing game.

He owns De Lacy-Tango 485, a Type-A class vessel. While it is currently stock, Emerson has been looking for any opportunity to upgrade his craft. Currently, the ship has no weapons and the FTL drive is disconnected from the power grid. Most of the staterooms are empty or are being used for storage, save for the stateroom nearest to the bridge.




Wounded in the leg

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Image of Emerson Holiday
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