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Summary: A mysterious stealth operative of the Dragoon.


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Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: Dragoon

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Dragoon stealth operative. Intel, rescue missions and assassinations.



Physical Appearance

Keeps his face hidden behind a mask that includes goggles with nightvision and infrared as well as a breath filter. Unknown to most, the mask is grafted to his face and attached to his skll, and cannot be removed without extensive surgery. When his hood is down, his hair is of medium length, dark and matted.

Outfit is typically dark. Two lightweight pickaxes on his back, which he uses for climbing and melee combat. A number of canisters with smoke grenades, teargas and acid bombs. Also carries 2 light side-arms. Because of the lightweight armor it's hard to tell, but he is of a trim build and about 5'8" tall.

Underneath the armor, several patches of skin and muscle have been replaced with cybernetic equivalents. He lost those to his dragon, Void.

Rarely speaks, but when he does, his voice is disarmingly smooth and soft.

Personality and interests

Stoic and silent. Ink has no outward interests other than serving the Dragoon, following any command, regardless of morality, with perfect confidentiality. When he is not on assignment, however, he will often go out on patrols or strike missions on his own accord. The only command he seems to have trouble obeying is to stay put and do nothing.


Very little is known about Ink, by design. His real name has been removed from the records, as well as the circumstances of his entry to the Dragoon. He is seen in the Eyrie from time to time with his mute dragon Void, but the few that ask him any questions rarely get an answer, rarer still one that exceeds two words.

The one story that's widely known around the Eyrie about Ink and Void is that Ink tamed Void himself, sacrificing several chunks of skin and muscle in the process, and he had almost killed Void with a pickaxe to the throat. He had nursed the dragon back to health himself and earned its respect, despite the fact that the injury is what caused Void's muteness. Many more rumors about the two exist, but that story is the only one Ink confirmed himself.

Player Notes

As a stealth operative with the rank of captain, Ink is a specialist in carrying out solo missions unseen. The mask's breath filter has the option to induce extra oxygen in emergencies, as well as aerosol drugs and painkillers for combat purposes.


As he is not on assignment when his part in the story begins, he is on patrol on his own initiative.

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Image of Ink
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