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Summary: A female dragon as black as a hole in the air.

Jericho Dragon Void

Owned by:

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Dragons

Planet of Origin



Bonded with Ink


Military working dragon

Physical Appearance

Relatively small for a dragon. Light scales, not as thick as most older dragons. Matte jet black with red eyes. In low light she looks like a dragon-shaped void, hence the name.

Has a device attached behind her flanks, from which tubing runs along her back and neck with forward pointing nozzles attached to her crown. This device is capable of pumping out large amounts of black smoke, often used by Ink for surprise flash infiltration or during getaways.

Personality and interests

Devoted to Ink and entirely in tune with him. She is mute, but moves with an unnerving quiet as well, the result of years of training. She is fiercely protective of Ink and shadows him unless commanded by him to stay, in which case she will remain motionless until he returns (unless attacked).

Does not play well with other dragons. Either they avoid her and she ignores them, or they provoke her and she ignores them, too.


Was born a wild dragon. Ink tamed her personally over a decade ago, and the battle with which he won her respect left her with a throat injury so severe she lost her ability to make any vocalizations permanently. As with her master, that is the only widely known story about her.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

To be determined


On patrol with Ink

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Image of Jericho Dragon Void
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