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Summary: Heir to the Hammond corporate empire and a spoiled manchild.

Sebastian Aloysius Hammond

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Mega-Corps

Planet of Origin



Heir to the Hammond Corporate Empire



Physical Appearance

A young man with blonde hair and grey eyes. Often considered a "pretty boy" by most. Wears expensive suits and is particular about his appearance.

Personality and interests

Very much the typical "spoiled son." Having been born with a silver spoon in his mouth and coddled by the staff of caretakers who raised him. His being forced to manage the business efforts of his father's company on Jericho is very much a major annoyance as he loathes the planet.

He is very fond, however, of women and dangerous sports, especially partaking in wild "hunts" with his personal staff.


Born and raised on Europa. Sebastian was raised by a dedicated staff of caretakers and personal tutors. Very much a spoiled brat, he thinks himself above most people and really only cares in getting his way.

During his 23rd birthday he crashed an expensive private shuttle while flying drunk. A feat that finally drove his father to send his embarrassment of a son to Jericho to manage the operations there in the hopes that such a world would finally force the boy to grow up.

So far it hasn't worked.

Player Notes

Sebastian dislikes being called "Mr. Hammond." As it reminds him of his father.

Has a very punchable face.



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Image of Sebastian Aloysius Hammond
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