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Summary: A skilled Syndicate thief and smuggler

Kullen Decker

Gender: Male

Age: 41

Group: Outlaws

Planet of Origin



Thief and Smuggler working with The Syndicate



Physical Appearance

A tall black male with short hair commonly seen wearing an old flight jacket over his Syndicate sneaking suit.

Personality and interests

A man with keen criminal instincts and a firm moral code. He is a loyal member of The Syndicate who won't hesitate to put other members in their place should they neglect The Syndicate's code.


Born on Io, Kullen was a wiry kid always sneaking through colony ducts with the other kids despite their parents' wishes. His natural skills for getting into locked places immediately drew the attention of a local Syndicate member who took him under his wing and taught Kullen the trade. Soon, Kullen was a master thief within the Syndicate with plenty of stories to tell of his various exploits.

He soon was asked to join the Jericho branch of the Syndicate and has since become a high-ranking member within the group who has branched out to smuggling items past Colonial and Dragoon patrols.

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Image of Kullen Decker
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