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Summary: An ex-Citra Corp Cyberneticist who may have crossed the wrong organization.

Syn the Synthetic

Gender: Originally Male

Age: Late 20s / Shell - 3 yrs

Group: Colonists/Colonial Military/Other

Planet of Origin



Cybernetics and Robotics expert
Part-time Doctor



Physical Appearance

Any information on Syn's original appearance has been redacted. He currently inhabits a modified AI-36m2 which is stolen Citra Corp tech.

Personality and interests

Syn is an intellectual and often a dabbler in anything obscure or by common eyes taboo. He is capable of seeing the usefulness in just about any act good or bad, but is somewhat regulated by his own rules of ethics and morals, however loose those may be, and his previously underwhelming physical capability, a trait which as of current events has been most certainly reversed.


Syn is an ex-Citra Corporation cybernetics and robotics who was allegedly let go due to overly ambitious side projects that made unauthorized use of Citra Corp funding and merchandise. Following his termination, Syn relocated to Jericho for some unknown reason, and was soon back to work on his project, which as it turns out was the creation of a device complex enough to store a synthetic human consciousness.

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Image of Syn the Synthetic
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