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Summary: I possess skills I know you have the cred for, you don't need to know them

Jack Dark

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Gender: Male

Age: 57

Group: Bounty Hunters

Planet of Origin

Earth, Chicago


Head and owner of Dark Bail Bonds, a small-time bounty hunter group


Head/Leader (Dark Bail Bonds)

Bounty hunter

Physical Appearance

5'11" , grey hair, brown eyes

Personality and interests

Gruff against anyone wanting to know his business and professional when dealing with bosses when he can, Jack Dark possesses a moral code that often is at odds with some employers, especially megacorporations.

Ultimately he will do what is right, even if it would ultimately be damming. He has a daughter, Joanna, that he cares very much about. He hopes that she will understand why things are the way they are and that all he taught her was not for nothing.


Jack Dark was once a Marine, stationed in Chicago as the Rear Guard. He was never deployed into the Titan War, instead dealt with corruption and rebellion in the steamy hot city streets of Chicago's Undercity alongside police forces when the situation called for it. He may not have seen some of the gruesome effects of war, but Jack could not discount human nature as being different on the field or in the streets; he had seen barbarity on the very jewel world that mankind had been born consistently, from drugged out gangs to sadistic murders playing with their food.

Eventually, after Joanna was born, he decided to resettle to Detroit. Leaving the service was easy, finding a job was not. Deciding to use his skills, he started Dark Bail Bonds. While never truly successful, it did pay the rent and put food on the table. Joanna grew in age, taking to datacoding and hacking. He eventually taught her how to fire a sidearm, laughing when his revolver nearly flew out of her hands during one attempt.

dataDyne, a megacorporation that was well known for its ties to networking and computers, ended the Darks' time in Detroit with a job going south. dataDyne soldiers attempted to erase loose ends but found a vindictive and ready Jack waiting for them. Initially able to keep corporate kill teams off of his family's back for a time, he was forced to leave Earth with Joanna.

Traveling by tramp trader, they make their way to a new life in frontier, and hope to have a fresh start.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Armed with a Heavy Revolver
Skilled in usage of semi- and full-automatic weapons
Skilled with explosives
Skilled with some forms of datahacking, particularly with older systems

Has one offspring, Joanna, age 19
His wife, Amanda Dark, passed away from child birth

Dark Bail Bonds is a failing business venture. If it can't make it here, he will be forced to close shop.


Alive, angry at megacorporations, and determined to make bank before they go under debt.

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Image of Jack Dark
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