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Summary: A Dragoon Peacekeeper stuck guarding a half-wit.

Ezra Singh

Gender: Female

Age: 33

Group: Dragoon

Planet of Origin



Dragoon Peacekeeper



Physical Appearance

Ezra is an attractive woman with light brown skin and eyes with long brown hair slightly bleached by the sun. Usually seen wearing casual clothing, but is wearing full body armor underneath.

Personality and interests

Ezra is a straightforward individual with a strong will. These traits allowed her to excel during her training as a Dragoon. She enjoys music, and plays the flute. She is also a skilled martial artist who spars regularly with other Dragoon at the Eyrie.


Born on the planet of Whitefall in the Terminus Systems, an area fraught with many dangers of the human variety, her family quickly located to Jericho in the hopes of starting someplace new away from the looming threat of raiders and criminal organizations.

A decision they clearly regret now.

Even still, Ezra had a decent enough childhood and dreamed of riding dragons and saving people. This soon took root and her desire to become a dragoon became dream come true. Since then, she's been a dedicated peacekeeper. However, she has been selected to be the local Hammond Industries overseer's glorified babysitter, a job she abhors.

Player Notes

Ezra can be used in other people's posts as if they were an NPC. Though she is classified as "essential" and cannot be killed or otherwise molested.



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Image of Ezra Singh
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