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Summary: Free Trader, Type-A


Owned by:

Gender: Null

Age: 200 in operation

Group: Weapons, Technology, And Vehicles

Planet of Origin

Ceti Prime
Bernard's Star
Wolf 315
Wolf 359


A standard mid-range ship


Type-A class Hull

Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests



The Type-A is a type of free trader vessel that is slowly gaining a sturdy grounding as the most well-rounded in all ships. The ship has been used by many individuals for the past two hundred Terran years, a rather recent development in trends as older vessels are phased out in favor of these

Player Notes

Stock Build

200 dTons

Shaw-Fujikawa Slipspace Drive (20 parsec)

1-G Maneuver Drive

30 ton Fuel Storage (1 FTL, 2 wks operation)

Civilian Model/1 Computer Systems

10 Staterooms

20 Low Berths

2 Weapon Hardpoints (1 dorsal/aft, 1 ventral/bow)

82 tons Cargo Storage

Streamlined Hull

4 Crew

Cost: MCr37.08

11 Months Construction Time


Three are owned by Hammond Inc., configured for mining duty

Two are owned by the Citra Corporation, configured for trade and picket defense

One is owned by Emerson Holiday, stock configuration

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Image of Type-A
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