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Summary: Free Trader, Type-A


Owned by:

Gender: Null

Age: 200 in operation

Group: Weapons, Technology, And Vehicles

Planet of Origin

(PoO serves as the major suppliers of this type of vessel)

Ceti Prime
Bernard's Star
Wolf 315
Wolf 359


A standard mid-range ship well known for its well-rounded uses


Type-A class Hull

Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests



The Type-A is a type of free trader vessel that is slowly gaining a sturdy grounding as the most well-rounded in all ships. The ship has been used by many individuals for the past two hundred Terran years, a rather recent development in trends as older vessels are phased out in favor of these

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Stock Build

200 dTons

Shaw-Fujikawa Slipspace Drive (20 parsec range)

1-G Maneuver Drive

30 ton Fuel Storage (1 FTL, 2 wks operation)

Civilian Model/1 Computer Systems

10 Staterooms

20 Low Berths

2 Weapon Hardpoints (1 dorsal/aft, 1 ventral/bow)

82 tons Cargo Storage

Streamlined Hull

4 Crew

Cost: MCr37.08

11 Months Construction Time


Three are owned by Hammond Inc., configured for mining duty
+Armed with one 55-terawatt mining laser and one PDC, fore and aft respectfully

Two are owned by the Citra Corporation, configured for trade and picket defense
+Armed with PDCs on 2 Hardpoints
+No armor
+Increased life support for four additional crew

One is owned by Emerson Holiday, custom stock configuration
+see character

Eight are owned by Jericho's Colonial Defense Force, configured as escorts
+Armed with PDCs
+Cargo capacity reduced to 51 tons
+Increased life support for six Colonial Marines

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Image of Type-A
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