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Summary: A simulant girl seeking freedom.


Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Colonists/Colonial Military/Other

Planet of Origin



Simulant Pleasure Model



Physical Appearance

Designed as an attractive female humanoid with fair skin and hair. She often wears flattering and/or revealing outfits due to her programming.

Personality and interests

Seemingly naive and emotionally stunted. Selina's been programmed to please those around her and can only feel happy by making others happy. However, she has developed a sense of independence and a desire for freedom.


Selina was originally commissioned by The Crimson Queen to be a love slave. Developed by The Queen's personal scientist and chemist, a woman named Lanstrom, she was supposedly The Queen's private companion. And for years has been at the hands of her particular brand of cruelty.

Eventually she had enough, and managed to get in contact with members of The Syndicate, who often help simulants escape the slave trade, who helped her escape.

She was supposed to be taken to Jericho's Landing and put on the first Syndicate ship leaving the planet. But Kalel Lamkin ended up intercepting her crate instead...

Player Notes

Has enhanced durability and a significant healing factor which allows her to survive The Queen's brutal tortures far longer than a normal human can withstand.



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Image of Selina
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