Image of The Queen's Hand

Summary: The Queen's Hand - A Deadly Assassin

The Queen's Hand

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Group: Outlaws

Planet of Origin



The Hand of The Queen - Her Fiercest Assassin
The Crimson Kingdom


One of the Crimson Queen's Lieutenants and her second-in-command.

Physical Appearance

Appears as a tall man wearing an advanced suit of armor and a opaque helmet that will sometimes display information, typically whenever The Queen speaks through him. Over the armor he wears a black coat.

Personality and interests

Is loyal to the Queen and acts as her primary avatar when she needs matters dealt with personally.


Not much is known about The Hand. Many believe he is a robot or a simulant programmed to follow The Queen's orders. No one has ever seen him out of his armor, save one.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Wields a monomolecular blade capable of cutting through almost anything, including dragon scales.

His suit is an advanced "muscle suit" developed by the Citra Corporation for their private military group. It enhances the wearer's strength and agility as well as provides excellent protection against most weapons barring powerful armor-piercing rounds.



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Image of The Queen's Hand
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