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Summary: Memnon is an inteovert, usually tinkering with drones or having a nice cup of green tea.

Memnon Gastelu

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: Dragoon

Planet of Origin

Born on Mars: October 13th


Tactical Engineer/Forward Recon


Seargent, Tactical Corps

Physical Appearance

Memnon is tall and heavily muscled. He is constantly exercising and eating healthy. His hair has grown to a lengthy mane of red. His deep green eyes give him a Scottish appearance though his origins are Bascone. He moves with confidence and has a firm handshake. He ignores the advances of both men and women, though he is not rude. He is kind and gentle mannered, soft spoken with a habit of drinking green tea.

Personality and interests

Memnon is good natured and generally hides his Military experience from most people. He is humble, often learning from others, the social graces he missed in academic life. His enemies know him as a shadow of death that strikes from nowhere and everywhere at once. He is ruthless and aggressive, often using whatever means to extract necessary information.


Memnon grew up on an orbital habitation above the rusty surface of Mars. He excelled at academics and in particular drone and robotic technology. He was recruited into the Martian Academy of Military Sciences where he earned his lieutenant bar. He was naturally drawn to special forces and served in many combat positions leading his teams in and out of special missions and black ops. He retired as a decorated Colonel and at 38 years of age looks for new ways to use his experience and skills where it will do the most good. During his time as a captain, he fell in love with one of his squad mates. She took a round to the chest. He tried to save her under heavy fire, but couldn't make it in time. She had lost too much blood and the shock proved too much. She passed away in his arms as he brought her to the infirmary. Since then he has lived a melancholy life, yet he remains aggressive and dangerous to the enemy in combat situations. He is a shell, damaged and broken, but he maintains his fa├žade of professionalism and structure. He came to the Dragoons as an Engineer and when necessary, recon specialist. Only Johnen knows his true background. For now Memnon claims he was a grunt just like everyone else.

Player Notes

Concept: Tactical Engineer, Forward RECON Mars Galactic Marines.
Awards: Joint Service Medal Operation Red Sands; Bronze Star with V for Heroism in Combat Battle at Tarterus Colles; Additional awards - Classified.


Waiting for orders. Maintaining Drones.
Having Green Tea.
Image Capture of landmarks.

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Image of Memnon Gastelu
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