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Summary: You'll shake with fear, not knowing if I'm near. Sly and shameless, Nocturnal and Nameless...Vuelo

Vuelo De Sombras

Gender: Female

Age: 100

Group: Dragons

Planet of Origin






Physical Appearance

Vuelo is actually a deep red black, Onyx Dragon. Her sweeping wings and lean body allow her to race through the air at blinding speeds.

Personality and interests

Vuelo is loyal to Memnon and prefers to be nearby or in Memnon's presence as often as possible. She is interested in hunting prey and aiding Memnon in cataloging, image capture and gathering intel.


Vuelo sensed she was being stalked by a human. She remained elusive till she turned the tables and surprised her stalker.
Memnon saw the attack a second too late. He was bitten by the dragon and could feel the venom running into his blood. Vuelo sensed she had probably killed the man. She carried Memnon to her lair in the mountains, hoping the man would recover. Memnon was out and almost dead for several days. In the end he survived. She now lives for Memnon and wants to please him. There is nothing she wouldn't do for him.


Waits for Memnon to decide what needs to be done.

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Image of Vuelo De Sombras
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