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Summary: A young thief turned Dragoon tracker

Chris Packard

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Dragoon

Planet of Origin






Physical Appearance

A young man with short dark hair and a lean physical frame.

Personality and interests

Chris is an inquisitive young man with a keen eye for details, which helps in his role as a dragoon tracker.

He cares for his dragon, Nessa, and is protective of her.


Born and raised on Jericho, Chris grew up in Jericho's Landing and practically lived on the streets most of his life. His father was a drunk and his mother was several lightyears away with little care for Chris's well being.

He got into scrapes with the law numerous times and soon fell in with The Syndicate. However after an arrest he was given an alternative to prison time: become a dragoon. His ties to the Syndicate were valuable, as were his skills.

He soon bonded with his dragon, Nessa, and the two of them became loyal partners as they set about their new duties as patrolmen and guards on various postings.

His latest is a real doozy though: guarding a bunch of eggheads who think there are alien ruins buried beneath the sands of Jericho...

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Chris is an Essential NPC and is thus usable to all players on the condition he is neither killed nor molested in any way.


Alive (Essential NPC)

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Image of Chris Packard
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