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Summary: The Boss of Jericho's Yakuza

Yashida Noriko

Gender: Female

Age: 33

Group: Outlaws

Planet of Origin

Tokyo, Japan, Terra


Leader of the Clarke Island Yakuza



Physical Appearance

A beautiful woman of Japanese descent with short dark hair and brown eyes. Often seen wearing traditional Japanese attire in public though favors more casual forms of clothing.

Personality and interests

Noriko is a highly intelligent person with a strong sense of honor and loyalty. Many in the Yakuza speak highly of her and her leadership skills.

She is also madly in love with Jhonen Cross.


Born to a lower class family in Tokyo, Noriko quickly fell in with a local gang at an early age and displayed enough raw talent when it came to killing that she was soon recruited by a "talent scout" of sorts who worked for the Red Dragon Syndicate on Mars. There she came to be the most feared assassin in the Core worlds.

As her reputation grew, so did her list of enemies. Eventually she was able to muscle her way into becoming one of the major bosses of the Yakuza's interstellar syndicate, operating from Jericho as they were in need of new leadership. Since taking control of the Jericho branch of the Yakuza, they have seen many successes under her leadership.

However The Crimson Queen soon declared war on the Yakuza and began taking over their territory. Unlike The Syndicate, The Yakuza were able to hold onto much of their territory and continue to do so despite The Crimson Queen's continued assaults.

Noriko herself became the target of The Queen's Hand which is what brought her to Jhonen Cross. A dragoon hunting The Queen, the two recognized their common enemy and were able to fend of The Hand. In response to saving her life, and defeating her in a one-on-one duel, she granted Jhonen her hand in marriage.

An offer he has yet to accept, though Noriko understands his reasons for declining. She continues to wait for him however, and also aids him in his hunt for The Queen.

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Image of Yashida Noriko
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