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Summary: A loyal, if intimidating, thresher dragon. Bonded to Jhonen.


Gender: Female

Age: Estimated age 46

Group: Dragons

Planet of Origin



Dragon bonded to Jhonen Cross


"Big Mama"

Physical Appearance

A thresher dragon, with darkly colored scales with a mix of black and yellow feathers. Has the distinct "thresher tail" meaning she has a pronounced gathering of scales the end of her tail which she uses for devastating tail whip attacks.

Being a Thresher, she is smaller than most dragons utilized by Dragoon. She's about half the size of a typical dragon mount. Due to this and and her body structure she's not able to be ridden as she cannot remain airborne with a fully loaded rider on her back.

Personality and interests

Is very independent. As she is technically a wild dragon. Yet she is viciously protective of her bondmate, Jhonen.

Enjoys eating Clarke Island moose.


Anya was discovered by the dragon masters near death after a group of poachers discovered her den and killed her mate and destroyed her eggs. She was severely wounded, yet had been able to kill all but one of the poachers before having to flee. The dragon masters reluctantly took her to the Eyrie to help her recover. However, as a thresher she proved difficult to handle, with one dragon master being killed while trying to help her.

Many believed it was a foolish venture to rehabilitate Anya. However a young Jhonen Cross soon took to the dragon, sensing a kindred spirit in her due to their similar backgrounds of losing their families to violence. However, Jhonen was forbidden from actively bonding with Anya due to her being a thresher, usually a dragon the dragoon do not accept as potential bondmates.

However this proved to be moot as, when Anya was eventually released back into the wild word reached the surviving poacher who made it his mission to avenge the deaths of his fellow hunters. Jhonen, angry that no one had told him they'd released Anya, went into the desert to find her on his own. He came across the poacher trying to finish what he started with Anya and for two days Jhonen hunted the poacher down and allowed Anya to have her revenge on him.

At that point, Jhonen assumed she'd leave or kill him. Instead, she bit him, having earned her respect and admiration. A search team sent to recover the wayward cadet found him in a cave, in the throes of a bonding fever, with Anya curled around him. None of the dragoon were able to get near Jhonen without angering Anya. A week later, Jhonen's fever broke and he returned to The Eyrie with Anya not far behind him.

Since then, the two have been inseparable. Though Anya often goes off on her own for various periods of time, she never wanders far.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Anya does not have an IFF tag. This is because everyone's too afraid to go near her.

Many other dragon breeds dislike threshers due to their penchant for being incredibly vicious. This extends to Jhonen, who has thresher protein markers that mark him as part of Anya's court. As such, both go to great trouble to not disturb fellow dragoon dragons.

That being said, Anya has never harmed a dragon that's been allowed onto Queenslayer base. As she respects Jhonen's decision to allow them into their court.



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