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Summary: you will never win

Aurora winters

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Gender: femail

Age: 18

Group: Colonists/Colonial Military/Other

Planet of Origin



wished to be an artist and had plans of relocating to Jericho main city to go to school. How ever she is now an unwilling test subject for DR. Lanstrom.


test subject.

Physical Appearance

Aurora stands about 5 feet tall. She has long black hair. Her eyes are red with black scalars as a result of experiments preformed on her and she has extremely pail skin. she wheres what ever she is given by Dr. Lanstrom and her staff. She is much stronger then she looks.

Personality and interests

Aurora is strong willed. She will not be controlled or told what to do. She hates her parents for handing her over to the scientist when she refused to stay. She loves to draw and dance and wants to see the would outsind the colony.


Aurora had a relativity happy childhood with sportive parents. she was getting ready to leave the colony for Jarico's big city when that doctor showed up. convincing the enter colony to follow her. Aurora of coarse refused and tried to leave only to be stopped by her parents and was handed over to the Docter. She will get free eventuly.

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Image of Aurora winters
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