Image of Lanstrom

Summary: Perfection Made Flesh


Gender: Undetermined (Formerly Female)

Age: 100+ years

Group: Outlaws

Planet of Origin

Lupus V


Simulant manufacturer for The Crimson Kingdom





Physical Appearance

Official images of Lanstrom during her tenure at Citra Corp show that she was a small, yet attractive young woman with brown hair and green eyes. In the years since, she's undergone various alterations to her physical body. Now standing at seven feet tall, she is lean and muscular in a way that hints at masculine features she's added to herself over the years. Many now believe she's hermaphroditic as well. Her hair is now platinum blonde and she bares the "Eyes of The Uplifted" with red irises complete with black sclera.

Personality and interests

A brilliant scientist and a megalomaniac. She is also obsessed with genetic perfection and finding the "genetic fountain of youth."

Now has delusions of godhood.


Lanstrom originally worked for the Citra Corporation and was instrumental in a number of their biological weapons experiments. She was also a pioneer in the field of synthetic genomics, creating simulants before they were banned in the Central Systems. Often considered a beautiful woman, she prided herself on her appearance. However, at 35 she was diagnosed with a hereditary terminal illness which drove her into an obsession to not only find a cure, but to stop death entirely.

Her efforts were eventually discovered by the Citra Corporation who felt she had become deranged. Creating new breeds of simulants in an attempt to "perfect" humanity. Due to the controversy she was terminated and a warrant for her arrest was posted. However she fled into the outer regions of Central Space and wasn't seen for many decades.

She soon resurfaced on Jericho, nearly seventy years later, as The Crimson Queen's chemist and simulant manufacturer.

It appears that she's managed to prolong her life and youthful appearance significantly. Moreso, she seems to have undergone numerous gene therapies to enhance her physical characteristics and abilities. She has become obsessed with uplifting humanity into a new evolutionary stage. Attaining a god complex in the process. And it seems her efforts have finally bore fruit as word has come down that she intends to betray The Crimson Queen.

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Image of Lanstrom
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