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Summary: I'm a scientist that goes boom!

Inara Ravenz

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Gender: Female

Age: 29

Group: Dragoon

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Dragoon Mental Case

Physical Appearance

Standing at exactly five feet tall, she is a curly haired brunette with the left side of her head shaved (the side that is not shaved reaches the middle of her back). Her eyes constantly change color, so there is no certainty about them. Deep scars follow a metal spine that is visible on her back that goes from tailbone up to her skull, a mistake she is none too proud of.

Her wardrobe usually consists of jeans, combat boots, and whatever tops she can get her hands on, even if it's stolen. She wears false glasses to trick people into underestimating her and keeps her nails sharpened like claws, always keeping them painted with some kind of venom.

Personality and interests

A seemingly kind woman with a big smart brain. Sadly, she suffers a lot of mental disorders and illnesses that have made it difficult for any dragon to keep up with her for very long. She has odd spells where she becomes unnaturally violent and cruel, despite trying to mitigate it all with her own medical concoctions.

She has a very bad habit of speaking before thinking and it gets her into more trouble than not.


Born an orphan, she suffered much for having her mental issues, but fought through it by training to be both a scientist and a Dragoon. Sadly, the older she got, the less people tolerated her behavior, leading to a lonely life of travel and planet hopping.

Most of her experiments over the years never had a guinea pig, so anything she messed with would end up being done on herself, thus resulting in the constant eye color change and metal spine. She'll say it's a cool side effect to have color changing eyes, but it makes taking picture with people a real pain in the rear end.

Now, she simply runs around and tries to keep her mental state in check while avoiding trouble the best she can. This is more difficult when the one person she wants to avoid is working with the worst people possible.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

She has a habit of making explosions happen while experimenting, so keep a close eye on her.

She is very fast on her feet, often accidentally teleporting herself a few feet forward without meaning to.

Her choice of weaponry is a large scythe that glows silver like the moon when blood touches the blade. She built it herself, so she is very protective of it.

She has a thick country girl accent and quite a potty mouth.


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Image of Inara Ravenz
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