Image of Medallion - Inara's Dragon

Summary: Don't touch my shiny!

Medallion - Inara's Dragon

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Gender: Male

Age: 5

Group: Dragons

Planet of Origin



Shiny Object Collecting/Inara's Companion


Shiny Object Collector
The Hungry

Physical Appearance

Around the same height as Inara, he has dark blue and silver scales with silver bat-like wings that help him both walk and fly. Only two legs, one made metal with Inara's help, he has pouches and bags strapped to him that hold all of the shiny things he carries. His left eye is silver, but his right eye is an odd grey color that people assume is blind. (He's not blind in it. Trust me.)

Personality and interests

His love for shiny objects objects means a lot of side tracking. A very friendly dragon that believes he's more dog then dragon and has accidentally ruined towns with his rough housing. To further prove this nature, he will stay up when Inara slumbers.


He came to Inara as an egg, traded for out of curiosity, but once he hatched the woman could not resist raising him. He has followed her everywhere she goes, even shoving his head into places he cannot fit just to make sure his human is doing well.

Over the past five years of his life, the dragon has made a habit of letting people assume he is blind in one eyes. The obsession with shiny objects came from a medallion he found a few months after birth and obsessed over. Since he would not let go of the item for anyone, Inara named him after it.

Player Notes

Don't touch his shiny objects and you'll be fine.


Shiny Object Lover

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Image of Medallion - Inara's Dragon
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