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Mr. Blonde

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Gender: Male (???)

Age: Appears to be 20-30

Group: Mega-Corps

Planet of Origin

Unknown, his credentials indicate he has an Earth visa


dataDyne associate, though his rank in the corporation is unknown. It is suspected to be high-tiered


Mr. Blonde

Physical Appearance

Mr. Blonde is approximately 6'0", with a full head of blonde hair and blue eyes. He has never been seen wearing anything other than his tan trench coat.

Personality and interests

Mr. Blonde is very forward and uncaring about peons in the works. His only care seems to be dataDyne, and barely seeming to warrant attention at that.

He believes if something does not work, then it should be destroyed. He often is antagonistic to others who get in his way.


Mr. Blonde has only recently surfaced in security records following investigations into dataDyne Headquarters and corporate espionage. While working for dataDyne during a suspected break-in, Mr. Blonde was never allowed by the corporation to speak to the police.

He has acted as an enforcer of sorts, often seen during dataDyne dealings. It appears he has worked for some time with them, though not without some obvious problems.

As of recently, Mr. Blonde has been spotted in the frontier areas, always with a squad of dataDyne troopers or by himself. As to what he is doing on Jericho, only dataDyne seems to know.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Mr. Blonde is an antagonist character.

Has ulterior motives that dataDyne does not know about.

Other notes require further talks for plot



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Image of Mr. Blonde
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