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Summary: Daughter, Killer, Pawn

Matilda Cross

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Outlaws

Planet of Origin



Crimson Kingdom
Heiress of The Crimson Kingdom


Demon's Bane

Physical Appearance

A slender girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Covered in scars from her brutal training under her mother and various trainers.

Personality and interests

Matilda is conflicted having spent her entire life hating the man who turned out to be her father. She strives to learn about her father and come to terms with her mother's lies.


Born in luxury, Matilda's childhood was cold and empty with only her harsh training being the focus of her life. From an early age she knew of Jhonen Cross as the man who murdered her father. And she became determined to get her revenge on Cross.

Her life was a brutal one, trained and tormented by her mother, The Crimson Queen, she has known nothing but pain and fury.

And then she finally faced Jhonen, only to learn the truth of her parentage: That Cross was her father all along and her mother had merely molded her into a pawn to be used against Jhonen in their life-long feud. With her reality shattered she was recovered by Cross who had done nothing but tend to her and love her like a father should. Something that confuses and enrages her to no end.

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Image of Matilda Cross
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