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Summary: The Lightning Breather


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Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Morphs

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Lightning Breather

Physical Appearance

Average height with muscles, he has black hair and purple eyes with fangs poking up from his mouth. He has a black metallic tail that ends in an almost cute tail that blades come out of. Scars line his left arm almost like symbols and he rarely ever wears a shirt.

Personality and interests

He has a sunny disposition that can often annoy people, but knows how to be serious. He avoids deep relationships, but loves to make friends.

His interests include hitting on girls, training with his oversized sword that can transition into a huge gun, and just traveling.


Born around the same time as his cousin, Atsu, he grew up in a Morph village where he watched his father suffer. Taking initiative, he helped raise his younger sisters, the twins known as Zin and Yin.

When his father died, he made his way to Jericho, dragging Atsu along. The world being new to him means he's curious about every tiny thing.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

He literally breathes purple lightning.


Alive and Happy

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Image of Shay
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