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Summary: The Crystallizer


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Gender: Male

Age: Appears to be in late 20's

Group: Morphs

Planet of Origin



Combat Expert



Physical Appearance

Normal height and physically fit, he has black hair and red eyes. His third eye is often hidden by his hair due to it being clouded and blind. Scars riddle most of his body from head to toe, but the most visible ones are on his face, a constant reminder of his mistakes.

Personality and interests

A calm and collected man that has great interest in animals and crystals. He only has a short temper when it comes to humans.


Born and raised on Earth, he survived the long war between humans and morphs, learning to detest most of the human race due to it. He decided to follow the most respected of his species in an attempt to escape the harsh judgement that came with being a morph.

After their "arrival" on Jericho, he mostly keeps to himself and other morphs. He is more willing to open up to a dragon than anything else.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

He controls a special crystallization ability that lets him both freeze and crystallize someone upon physical contact.

He despises most humans.

Cheating is a great offense to him.


Alive and Angry

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Image of Ezekiel
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