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Summary: The Last Child


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Gender: Female

Age: Appears to be in late 20's

Group: Morphs

Planet of Origin

Unknown - she won't talk about it.




Morph Boss/The Last Child

Physical Appearance

Standing at four feet eleven inches, she is a curly haired brunette with three ocean blue eyes. Her small feathered wings change colors each time she grows them back, and her tail is soft and fluffy. She often wears a cute dress or form fitting clothes. There is a piercing in each ear.

Personality and interests

Often serious and very passionate about keeping her people, the Morphs, safe. She has a motherly nature, but is rather short tempered and will kill any who dare harm her people.

Her interests include weapons and animal life.


Born a weapon, but determined to not to be, she chose to protect the morphs with her life. After the long war between humans and morphs, she found a ship and went on the run. The crash landing on Jericho was not part of her plan, but she is willing to do whatever it takes to protect her people, even if it means working with the people of this place.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Her power is mostly energy based and has to be stored up for her to use it.

Each time she loses her wings, they grow back a different color.

Her weapon of choice is a chainsaw scythe.



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Image of Moriana
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