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Summary: Red hair is dangerous.


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Gender: Female

Age: 42

Group: Criminal Organizations

Planet of Origin



Hitwoman (formerly; independent); killing, slavery, illegal arms dealing, prostitution, drug manufacturing/smuggling (after joining the Crimson Kingdom)


Specialist / The First Lady

Physical Appearance

Altaria presents herself as a slim but curvy, and quite tall lady at 5'10'', with long red hair and blue eyes.

Personality and interests

Besides being sadistic and cold-hearted, Altaria generally appears to be a calm, cool and collected personality for the most part, as she never seems to lose her patience in most cases. She doesn't have many interests aside from her job and its perks, specifically money and luxury, besides always dressing in very sensual manner, preferring lace, silk and velvet over anything else.


Not much is known about Altaria's past prior to joining The Crimson Kingdom. Some people have suggested that Altaria is not even her real name. Prior to joining the criminal organization, Altaria was a hitwoman that was already well known amongst the criminal circle, but rumors said she joined in order to make more money, while also having protection. She soon became a favorite amongst the 'Kingdom', making her a to-go choice for the most dangerous missions.

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