The Kick off Wendigo's Lair Mission

Samuel look over the dragons and their riders in his team as he walked by, he looked at their equipment and weapons. he had then stand in an informal formation. The rider with their dragons behind them Samuel did the walk around each one. Satisfied that everything was accounted for and everyone ready.

"Alright, Davenport." Hilda said with a nod that went unseen inside the cockpit of Bonecrusher. "This is your show. Tell me what you want me and our small squad of robots to do." Samuel thought and radios back “have them go to the small entrance take position there wait until I start see if anyone comes out if they don’t go in and start shooting draw them to you we will ketch them in a cross fire on the in side of the caves.

He walked back to the front and petted tempest on the head. he turned to the others “we fly single file lazy W formation 50 meters apart. Speed 75, at 1500 m. when we get 5 klicks out drop to tree top level. we go another 2 we land discharge are dragons. Send them back 2 Klicks and hide. We go in on foot stranded patrol formation I have lead. Any questions?” he yelled be for anyone could say anything. “Good, Lock and Load! Mount up.” he commanded

He walked over to Tempest and checked his Assault Rifle he attached his silencer to it sliding it into the scabbard mounted on his saddle. He pulled his KRISS .45 in his shoulder harness up and checked it as well he looks at the 30 round mag that was inserted in to it. then patted the other 5 on him. He attached a sound superuser to it as well he checks his Pistol as well and locked it back in place.

When everyone was ready, he signaled for everyone to take off. as they climbed to the right altitude, he looked back they all fell into formation. He wanted to go faster but not all the dragons were Air hunters and did not have the speed that Tempest and midnight had.
He was not long before he signaled for them to drop to tree top level. so far there was not sign of the enemy or rogue dragons. Samuel was relived by this. One alfa rogue dragon and this hole mission would stop right there. The mining complex was nestled in the crook of the Dragon's Cradle Mountain Range a couple hundred miles northwest of Beggar's Canyon

They landed in different areas so they would not attract attention about 500m apart. Samuel gave Tempest his commands getting all his equipment. The dragon eyed Samuel in an evil way. “Ok Temp, I will be safe now go you big baby, and don’t pick fights with the other dragons you bully” said Samuel in a joking way. He watches as the large dragon shot up into the sky then with a quick turn was gone from sight.

Samuel was first to the assembly area. He hid in some bushes and waited with in minutes they all showed up. He signaled each person as they arrived with hand signals. When he accounted for everyone, they started the walk to their contact point.

When they got their and in position, he radios Dagger with a short burst message (Hammer in position at Wendigo's lair) Samuel looked back at the others signaled them to take their positions. He could see the power line going into the caves. He moved into the entries of the cave. Quickly placing some explosives in between the powerlines, he set the detonators and went back to the others.

Jhonen glanced back to the cave and readied his rifle. "Alright guys... This is it..." He pressed a bionic finger to his earpiece. "Wrecker, this is Daddy. Awaiting the fall of the Hammer..."

Samuel pulled out his controls for the detonators. He flipped the first switch all the lights flashed green color. He pushed the last button there was a loud set of explosions as the charges detonated. The charges were small just enough to cut the lines and make a lot of smoke. He jumped to his feet moving forward in a commando type style. His assault rifle up and ready to use. He talked into this mic the radio activated “Hammer squad move out check targets armed or hostile only!” he commanded. As he cleared the smoke and further in the cave. The first guy came running up he lifted his pistol to fire. Samuel fired his Assault rifle doing controlled pars to the man’s head and chest the rifle just made a click nose with puffs of air. The man fell backwards with small puffs of red spray from his head and back. He could hear the others engage others that were coming at the squad.

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