Ghost among the living

Memnon awoke sometime later. His wounds healing rapidly and Vuelo's nose under his hand. He could feel the rhythm of her breathing.

He could thank the miltary for making him a killing machine, but since Vuelo came into his life he had not thought so much about the lives of others.

Vuelo seemed to be healing quickly as well. A cut just above her nose seemed to almost disappear before his eyes. Did she swallow his blood and was there enough nanobodies in it to make a transfer?

He decided it was best to keep it to himself. He had too many secrets of late, but that was a part of his life. He had been a boy long ago, now he was a Military castoff. A broken weapon with no purpose.

No...not without purpose. He knew his sacrifice would mean more than a medal. He was a Dragoon now. A Jericho Dragoon. A band of brothers, sisters and Dragons. He didn't know exactly how he fit in, but he was sure that Jhonen would find a way to make it all work.

With that he drifted off to sleep knowing his...yes, his dragon, Vuelo, was safe and that he had not dropped her into harms way for no reason. She was a survivor, like him.

He drifted into sleep thinking of how he would reward this loyal beast, no, not beast, Vuelo was the closest to family he had. A reward for this gentle lady dragon, his friend...

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