The significance

One of the new members of the detail stoped Strom as he was heading back to get more equipment for the sight. The Chaplain had dressed down and had asked the guards to do the same. Some of the Queen’s minions liked to take pot shots at people in uniform.

The man looked puzzled and asked, "I'm sorry, Chaplain. I hate to ask this but... This is a fucking black op right? We're not really going out to the middle of nowhere to stare at a bunch of rocks and bag some alien pottery?"

Strom thought about talking to him about the geopolitical implications of what they were doing, the historical significance that a find like this would have, or how just coming to understand how people lived on this planet could improve their lives. He smile while trying not to step in his piss.

Strom looked at the young man’s name. “Chris, Do you like to shoot things?”
The response was an affirmative.
“Do you like to fly your dragon and get three squares a day?” The chaplain asked.
The response again was affirmative.
“The sad news is the Dragoons end up doing missions like this so you all can fight and protect the world. The money has to come from somewhere.” Storm sad, then patted him an the arm.

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