In the heat of things

Samuel running to the left heading for the meat left of the spikes but right of the cave walls. The team spread out some not making them an easy target. They seemed to be unnoticed as run to where a large water tank is stationed. Samuel and the team stacked against the tank moving around it to see a landing pad and a building on the other side. Some gun fire was coming from the building. It looked to Samuel that miners were firing at anything that moved even at one another at times. He signaled the others to move to the building across from them. The range was about 150 meters. He turned to the people with him. “We run to the bird over there. Then then old guild building.” Stay 5 meters apart and zig zag watch your targets ready?” he waited for the nods he turned he raised his assault rifle in to position and motioned for them to move.

Running Samuel changed direction moving left, right or strait every 4 steps making his movements random. As team closed on the aircraft, they saw movement as two miners came around the aircraft. Firing two rounds the puffs of air came from the rifle in to the first Samuel could see the red spray from behind him as the blood sprayed the craft behind the man. The man jerked back and fell to the ground. The second a woman with a large meat clever screaming came charging them. Samuel waited until she got 15 meters from him, he squeezed his trigger the weapon fired Hitting the women in the head her head jolted back with her body as the top half of her head exploded in to fragments of hair and skull scattered around her.

There was a pause in his movement checking for others then he moved to the aircraft. He looked direction of the building. There were a few miners firing from some crates next to the building. He looked through his scope. He tilted his rifle and looked thought the Grenade launcher sights one of them opened a box and pulled out an RPG looking in the direction of the power suit who was engaging miners in the warehouse. He lifted his rifle quickly he grabbed his magazine pitting his finger on the trigger of his Grenade launcher with a squeeze of the trigger the Grenade launcher fired with a thud sound. Some of the miners looked over to Samuel and the team. but it was to late as the Grenade landed next to them the explosion sending them flying in different directions. A loud secondary explosion shortly after as the RPG rounds detonated. The side of the structure was demolished you could see into the corridor and some of the rooms of the old guild building.

Samuel signaled for them to move they ran forward shooting and moving into the building.

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