Jericho's Landing - Some Time After The Incident At Mfinda Mine

What the hell are you doing, Ezra? This is nuts! I can't believe I decided to wear this stupid outfit! I look ridiculous!

This and more kept buzzing around Ezra's mind as she rode the lift up to the fifth floor at the Lovell Health Center in Jericho's Landing. She was wearing a top that showed off her shoulders and bit of cleavage. It was dark blue and matched the dress he was also wearing. She had her hair down, a mess of black and blonde curls she could never quite get tamed. And she had on makeup, she hardly ever put on makeup. She never felt the need to look pretty while getting shot at like some dragoon women did...

I look ridiculous...

She got off the lift and made her way to the room where Emerson Holiday was recovering from his ordeal at the mines. He'd been hurt pretty bad, but modern medicine and a doctor that Sebastian had personally hired to take care of him were on their way to getting him back on his feet already. He'd be here only a couple more days. Sore, no doubt, but perfectly fine. Ezra was relieved. More than she wanted to admit to herself.

She stepped in and saw Holiday was watching vids on the Cortex while a nurse changed his bandages. He himself was in high spirits, the painkillers they had given him being rather strong. He turned his attention to her a bit drunkenly, high on the medication but noticing her all the same. She smiled at him.

"Hi," he said happily to her.

"Hey." She said meekly, her stomach was doing barrel rolls. The fuck, girl? You've stared down mutant monsters and rogue dragons with nerves of steel! This is just a guy!

Not just a guy...

Holiday looked to her and finally, belatedly, realized she was dressed up rather amazingly and she was even wearing make-up. Maybe it was the drugs emphasizing things, but she look stunning.

She bit her lip. "I hear you're out of here in a couple days. That's gotta be nice, right?"

You're nervous! Stop being nervous! He'll notice and think you're nuts! Oh shit, that just makes me more nervous! she thought, internally screaming.

Is she blushing? Emerson questioned in his own mind. A darkening began to creep from her cheeks and spread to her neck. "Yeah, the docs have been pretty decent tech here. Funny, took me a month to recover from..."

He decided to not finish the sentence, instead letting it trail as she cleared her throat to try and speak again. Now Emerson knew she was blushing, her eyes flicking for anyway out of here but still coming back to Emerson.

"Anyways... I was wondering... if... well..." She stammered.

He could not stop the shit-eating grin that started to spread from one corner to the other as she stammered. He was not entirely new to what she was probably feeling but the drugs definitely added a new level of comedy to his mind.

Oh god he's smiling. I must look stupid! Oh but he's got such a sweet smile...

"I was planning on having a drink sometime this week... And I was wondering if you wanted to join me?"

There's no way in hell he'll say yes...

It was Emerson's turn to slightly blush, as he thought she would run instead of sticking to her guns, like she looked like she would rather do. Still, actually hearing the words brought a small flutter to his stomach as he regarded her for a second or two. It had been a while since anyone asked that while dressed up.

Alright, been a while since someone who wasn't some boss or another and is actually a cutie... A cute woman who can completely take me apart with a finger, he thought.

He looked to his leg and responded after a bit of silence. It was not a terribly long silence but a noticeable one. "Well, actually, yeah! Docs say I am technically allowed out but they want me to stay a few days to make sure it holds. But someone would have to sign papers..."

He looked to her as Ezra's own internal, nervous screaming hit her high note. She looked and felt relieved, surprising herself with the latter and playing off the former.

"She does have a cute smile," Emerson said, not realizing his thought was actually voiced. It was only after a new level of color had hit her face that he realized his faux paus. He too felt embarrassed and decided to look to the nurse, who had finished. "Am I right?"

"She does indeed," went the nurse, smiling at what was going on.

"No, uh... The, uh papers," Emerson, rubbing his face to hide it.

"Yes, sir."

"Thanks, uh can we...?"

"I'll bring them immediately," she said, her smile small but happy for the two.

They were left alone in a bit of silence. Thinking quickly to stop the uncomfortable silence, he asked her, "Got any place in mind? Hopefully not a far walk," he added, frowning at his leg.

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