Building things

Buy the time the hatch doors were opened, Kalel was tired and pain. His to compartment mates had come to an agreement that he was theirs. Selena had done her best to entertain him and when his blood loss from the dragon’s bight got bad enough, she bandaged him up. The Queen had her taught how to mend a man’s body while destroying his soul, it extended the her pleasure and extended the pain. Being a sym, she had the medical training of a cardiac surgeon stored in her memory. Nursing him back from the edge pleased her as did the clothes he had brought. Though they covered much more of her than she was use to. But he smiled when he saw her in them.

A couple days of food and rest and he felt human. When he tried the door, it opened. The guards and dragons were gone. Robots patrolled the area. Kalel left Hilde a note about the parts he needed and wanting to set up a meeting on a big deal he had going down.

The dragon let them ride her back to his place.

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