Dog Run: Naked Hilda

Power at 12%

"Shit. Guess I better switch game plans..." Hilda sighed and reached for the sub-machine gun nestled on a rack on the left next to her seat in the mech's cockpit. She grabbed it and grabbed a large lever to her right. "Time to go commando..." She pulled the lever.

Ejection Sequence Initiated

Bonecrusher stopped moving and the rear panels opened up. Hilda hopped out, using Bonecrusher as a shield from any further Pack attack. The panels closed up again. "Walking mode." Hilda said to the suit.

Walking Mode engaged The suit responded.

"You should be fine for a few more minutes." She said. She looked around. Samuel had gone into one of the buildings to flush out pack.

At that moment, a new dragon appeared in the clearing. Hilda figured it was the surprise party guest, Memnon. She was happy to see him, she knew him from their times with Jhonen, Cynda, and Max. An old friend she had missed for some time. Though she wished he'd warned her that he'd be coming. She almost thought he was an enemy sniper for a moment. But then Memnon had always liked dropping in unannounced. He laid waste to so many of the pack it was scary how effective he and Vuelo were.

Though it was clear they both were taking hits as well. "Dammit, Memnon! Don't go killing yourself!" Hilda shouted at him. A mining spike bounced off of Bonecrusher that had been meant for Hilda's head. She turned, spotted the pack member perched on top of the nearby water tower. She fired her sub-machine gun, took him down easily, then turned back to where Memnon and Vuelo had been. They were gone just as quick as they had appeared. Hopefully he'd heeded Hilda's advice and was taking off to lick his wounds.

The battle continued. Bonecrusher made a valiant effort to stay in the fight and took down plenty more Pack, but soon the fuel cells went flat and the hulking machine lurched onto one knee and fell silent. Hilda was still moving though, her exoskeleton allowing her unprecedented speed and strength. Any who tried to get in at her from close quarters swiftly regretted it.

Her and Syn's AI-36's were backing up Samuel in the building as well. She'd regularly get updates on their positions through her tac-link. Making sure they had Samuel and the others guarded as best she could. She had no intention of losing anyone today.

When Samuel and the others had cleared the building the Pack were suddenly retreating into the caves. And Crystal suddenly started to run off after them. Though Hilda understood why.

"Looks like Dagger's cover's been blown!" Hilda said to Samuel over the radio. "We better get in there after them!"

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