More Butterflies

"Well, actually, yeah! Docs say I am technically allowed out but they want me to stay a few days to make sure it holds. But someone would have to sign papers..."

He said yes! Ezra was elated and relieved. For a moment.

Oh fuck. He said yes. What the fuck am I gonna do now?

"That's great!" Ezra said, her voice somewhat shaky.

Calm down, girl. He said yes. Clearly he likes you for some stupid reason...

"She does have a cute smile," Emerson said, not realizing his thought was actually voiced. It was only after a new level of color had hit her face that he realized his faux paus. He too felt embarrassed and decided to look to the nurse, who had finished. "Am I right?"

"She does indeed," went the nurse, smiling at what was going on.

This made Ezra blush even more, and her smile widened.

"No, uh... The, uh papers," Emerson, rubbing his face to hide it.

"Yes, sir."

"Thanks, uh can we...?"

"I'll bring them immediately," she said, her smile small but happy for the two.

They were left alone in a bit of silence. Thinking quickly to stop the uncomfortable silence, he asked her, "Got any place in mind? Hopefully not a far walk," he added, frowning at his leg.

Ezra nodded. "I know a place. The local Dragoon go to it all the time. The Lazy Banth.

The Lazy Banth? What the hell, Ezra, you're taking this guy to a cop bar? It did have some good food too, though. The Clarke Island crab cakes were heavenly. She didn't get out much, obviously.

"And if need me I can carry you if it's too far..." The line just slipped out. A quip she couldn't help but say. But then she started panicking, worrying if he'd take it the wrong way. She really wanted him to like her.

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