Ink in melee

Jhonen spun around in time to see The Wendigo leap into the air, lunging at him and Ink as they finally crossed the chasm between the palace and the distant cliff side. Jhonen pulled Owen Boston's blasters from their holsters and took aim.

"This is for Owen you son of a bitch!" He roared back as he began firing at The Wendigo.

In feverish tempo, Ink went over his remaining weaponry in his head. One smoke grenade. One flash grenade. One acid bomb, which was a bit of a prototype, containing a concentrated dose of Void's stomach acid. A small 12 shot blaster. His pickaxes were gone, sacrificed in the attempt to lose this hulking, feral madman. Not much.

He lunged to the side and rolled away as the Wendigo's hammer came down, shattering rocks with the sheer force of impact. He did not pull his blaster just yet. He needed a strategy first.

Jhonen's shots mostly went wild, though there were two hits, neither appearing to make much of a difference to the Wendigo. Crystal was unloading too, though she was still further away and the chaos descending all around them made it impossible to get a clean shot off.

The Wendigo roared and raised his hammer again, aiming for Jhonen. Ink coiled like a spring. When it came down, barely missing Jhonen, he sprung to action, landing a flying kick to the back of the man's knee. It was almost like trying to kick over a solid stalagmite, but the Wendigo grunted audibly and his leg buckled enough to bring him off-balance for a second. As Ink rolled away, drawing his blaster, he hoped it was enough to give Jhonen and Crystal a chance to get a hit in...

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