Ghost Rider

Memnon finished waxing the longboard and starting putting things up and thanked Asahi for letting him use his setup.

"Asahi-sama, arigatogozaimasu. Watashi wa anata no omotenashi ni kenkyodesu. Umi ga itsumo anata ni yasashi nodesu," Memnon says as he bows several times.

"That's enough ass-kissing dude. Get out there and carve a few for me, there's A Frames right now, better hurry, it's cranking. Choka brah!", says Asahi.

Memnon paddled out, into an empty space. Asahi was right, A Frames breaking out the gate today. Memnon wishes he had been here at dawn, his usual time. Being from Mars, other surfers called him a Hoda till they saw him charge bombs like a madman.

Here it came, a pretty wave, a 12 footer at least, looking like a Maui princess, all done up and ready for action. He paddled hard. As the rush of tons of water began to roll beneath him, he dropped into the barrel and shot across the crystal blue smooth as ice. He could feel spindrift and wind in his face, the rush of being in a tube of water, measured in metric tons, and knowing that it could all come crashing down if he made a wrong move, a bad decision. "Not today mate!" he shouted at no one. He came out the other end and splashed down with the dying wave, knowing he cheated death again and this only made him go back out and do it again, and again, till he knew he needed to stop. Exhausted, he paddled back to shore. He started undoing his strap when he noticed he had an audience. A girl and two guys, most likely surfers, were standing in front of him.

"Yo, brah, we never seen anyone charge bombs like that. Where you from ey?" said a red headed asian boy, who looked to be about 17. His hair was done up in dreads and down to his shoulders. He had that look. His lean body was hard and he had a beer in his hand.
"Mars," replied Memnon, laying into his spanish accent. He reserved it for those he didn't know and he wanted to see what motivation they had. He slipped the board under his arm. "Gotta jet brawleys, I catch ya laters...," he says and walks off the beach.
Later he finds himself in the lounge, haveing a cup of tea and a salad. He sees the Dragoons on the beach. Vuelo is having a good time cliff diving for fish with some of the other Dragons. He figures she needs some time to be with her own kind.
He sees the others having a good time. He's glad everyone made it out alive and well.
Why did I even agree to come here? He is not looking forward to socializing. Hopefully it'll be short and sweet...

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