The Eyrie

Crystal was quite upset by the news of the dead dragoon and his dragon. The almost electric atmosphere was upsetting Midnight. So she had settled in and area of the Eyrie were there were not many dragon and there riders. She took to grooming Midnight carefully brushing his long silky fur.

He was a bit different from most of the dragons at the Eyrie. The most noticeable difference was his fur and feathered wings. There were also some behavioral differences as well he was normally quite it was extremely rare that he made noise like the other dragons. When he could be made upset enough to roar it usually upset all the dragons around him. But right now he was humming. Crystal had started to sing a soft lullaby in an attempt to calm her agitated friend. Witch was working.

She noticed Anna entire the Eyrie and waved a hello to her. She was quite happy that she had been on another miner call when one one about the dragon had come in. She shook her head she could not help but think about how horrible a thing it was for a dragon to have it wings cut of. It made her blood boil if anyone dare try that to midnight she would have there head on stick in a mater of minutes. Her agitation was caught by midnight how growling low and louder. Upsetting a few nearby dragons.

Midnight’s growl startled Crystal. “ it’s ok Midnight” she said gently trying to sooth the dragon. It seamed to work those he was still visibly upset. Crystal started to sing again as she brushed the dragon. Within minutes the animal relaxed and started to hum along with her.

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