Kalel shook his head in agreement. “There is a lot of radio traffic about a new craft that came down, according to the tablet, it has a medical bay with equipment that we could use and it is out of my range to retrieve,” he said.

He started the negotiation with building her a new wind turbine from parts from the crash. The control motors had magnets that were stronger than the normal stuff on the market. He knew she needed more power for her suit. It was a good opening, offer. Normally, it would take forty-five minutes to negotiate to this offer and two cups of tea. He pulled an orange from his bag for her.

Seeing she wanted more, he pulled a small book from his pocket. “If I had money, I’d give it to you. But, I have this,” he said. It had information that he had spent time collecting about the Dragoon’s operation. He said, “It is call signs, dragon names, and normal patrol areas.” The writing was precise and clean.

He had much more detailed information but he did not want to give that away till he really needed. He had been triangulating their radio traffic with multiple antennas.he had been doing the same to other groups operating in the wild too. He even knew that there was a forward caravan moving through the area where the young Dragoons were patrolling. But that did not seem important to him at the time.

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