Crystal glared at the mention of the red queen. “ that b\+ch need to die” she said coldly. Any one how would harm a dragon was trash in her book. That might be a bad thing that she put the lives of dragons above people’s. She could not help it dragon could fly she loved flying. It was like there was an understanding there.

Crystal nearly spit out her own drink at the mention of her likening Samuel. Her face turned bright red. “ umm... he trained me I could” she muttered then hide her face. Midnight let out several chirps that seamed close to laughter. Crystal quieted him with a glare. “ besides he is way older then we are.” She said waving off Anna’s attempt to getting to her.

She then cast a look at midnight. “ you want to hear something rediculus I think midnight likes Storm you know the chaplains dragon, I can’t blame him though she is pretty” crystal said giggling” midnight his his face under his paws.

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