Showing up

Crystal nearly spit out her own drink at the mention of her likening Samuel. Her face turned bright red. “ umm... he trained me I could” she muttered then hide her face. Midnight let out several chirps that seamed close to laughter. Crystal quieted him with a glare. “besides he is way older then we are.” She said waving off Anna’s attempt to getting to her.

She then cast a look at midnight. “you want to hear something ridiculous I think midnight likes Storm you know the chaplain’s dragon, how could blame him though she is pretty” crystal said giggling” midnight his face under his paws.

With a gust of win things blew around as a black dragon fly over at high speed it gains altitude some turning to the ocean the black legendary dragon conceived as a huge, leathery-winged, with sleek scales with a barbed tail with some spikes and horns. It has four legs with two wings with nasty claws. The dragon's body is completely covered with tough black colored scales. The large dragon was about110 feet long. Its wingspan is about the same. Its long heavy muscled body is a contender to any dragon for air combat.

Some people walk to the shore to see wat the dragon and rider were doing. Some people thought wow three in one spot something most of these people have not seen dragon riders Samuel thought. Tempest was putting on a show as she rolls over in the air then turned back towards shore. Looking down sees what it wants Samuel let out a laugh as the dragon opened its wings fully stopping in midair. There was just a set of ropes the man was holding on to. As the dragon went into a dive the man jumped off some people on the beach cheered others gasped at the show. The dragon came back out of the water with fish in its mouth the rider dove came up to the surface and started swimming to shore.

Landing near the other dragons it was obvious who the dragon was tempest. Walking over to were Anna and Cristal where it drops the fish by Midnight and pushes it over some with her nose. In the distance Samuel comes out of the water walking up on the beach his well-toned muscled body could be seen through his tight black shirt and his trunks. He runs his hand through his hair getting rid of the extra water and his face. The spectators just watch as he walks up to Cristal and Anna “hello ladies” He looks at the fish then at Tempest “really?” it’s the boy that is so post to bring you something.” Then laughs some. “Aaa” waves his had at tempest walking to the bar next to Anna. “Started without me I am hurt.” He says in a playful way smiling. This is a side of Samuel that has not been seen must of the time he is all business. “what are you ladies drinking?”

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