Crystal watch the display as Samuel and Tempest joined them. She smiled watching Tempest bring Midnight a fish. “ oh look Anna she likes him” crystal said. It was cute though really funny because midnight looked like a baby laying next to Tempest.

Crystal smiled at Samuel he did look good in civilization clothing. She shook her head, she was just a little red head nothing special. She figured the outgoing Anna would probably have a better chance then she did. She looked at her drink she did not even drink alcohol. Well she did not drink it often. He must see her as a child and not and adult.

“ umm fruit punch. I got a bow” she said holding the weapon out for him to inspect. “ you look nice and Tempest seams to have a crush” she said. She smiled shyly at him her face turning bright red. She was not sure what to do in this situation. Did her drink have alcohol in it? No it must be because Anna fessed that she liked him. But Anna also liked him. Crystal shook her head she did not stand a chance.

Midnight tweeted at Tempest. He eat some of the fish then tryed to get Tempest to eat the rest of it. Before he settled in the sand next to her. He was excited that she liked him. He had been attacked to her sence he was old enough to worry about such things. The only reason he did not make a move towards her was her size and the fact that she could spit acid.

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