Very Thirsty...

Anna watched Samuel's impressive aerobatics with Tempest. Watched him dive into the water. Then studied him thoroughly as he got out of the water. She remembered the time she and Cystal and Samuel had shared drinks at Queenslayer Base the day they moved in, remembered the fleeting attraction she had for him.

It wasn't fleeting anymore.

His gray hair and muscular physique, heck even his scars, had her devouring him with her eyes. This was definitely more her type.

He runs his hand through his hair getting rid of the extra water and his face. The spectators just watch as he walks up to Cristal and Anna “hello ladies”

"Hel... Hi..." Anna said, stumbling over her words. "That was a... impressive..." She said gesturing to Tempest who was sharing a fish with Midnight.

“Started without me I am hurt.” He says in a playful way smiling. This is a side of Samuel that has not been seen must of the time he is all business. “what are you ladies drinking?”

"Just a beer..." Anna said. She wasn't one for cocktails or mixed drinks. She hefted the brown bottle up in response to Samuel's question. "Want one? It's on me."

You could fucking drink it off of me. She wanted to say.

“ umm fruit punch. I got a bow” she said holding the weapon out for him to inspect. Anna found herself being torn. She knew Crystal had a bit of a crush on Samuel as well. The way she reacted to Anna's questions was evidence enough of that. And now she found herself in a serious dilemma.

She found herself wanting to encourage her sweet, beautiful, friend to go for it. To get the guy and maybe find some much needed confidence. The fact that their dragons were hitting it off was a great ice breaker.

But Anna also wanted to take a ride on Samuel's other dragon.

“ you look nice and Tempest seams to have a crush” she said. She smiled shyly at him her face turning bright red.

Anna downed her beer. She already knew what she'd do. Her heart won out over her aching libido in the end. She smiled at Crystal. "Maybe you two could go flying together? Crystal loves flying Tempest, she's pretty good at aerobatics." She lit up slightly. "Oh! That's it. You two should see who can do the craziest trick in the air! A contest! What do you guys think of that?"

A part of herself was kicking herself. But she figured that, should things go how she was hoping they'd go, Crystal would finally drop the shy cutesy act and show Samuel the fiery red headed bombshell Anna knew was lurking deep in her. It was just a matter of getting her into her comfort zone, and that was in the air.

And the bar tender was still there. Anna could still try for him if this all went according to the plan percolating in her brain. And then she saw Memnon and Vuelo approaching. She hadn't actually met the man who had crashed their "party" at The Wendigo's. But evidently he was an old friend of Jhonen.

And also quite a tall glass of water. Maybe a little younger than Anna would've preferred... Then she realized she needed to cool her jets. These were her comrades after all. No need to go around trying to lay everyone. Especially if Crystal already mistakenly thought Anna had a crush on Jhonen. She downed another couple gulps of beer to drown her growing sorrows and waved to Memnon.

"I see you've come to crash another of our parties." Anna said with a smile. "I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Anna, this is Crystal and Samuel..."

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