Ezra's Serenade

"You play the flute? Heh, I never played anything but guitar. Closest thing we had to a flute was an ocarina. It was always good luck to have a tune on ship as she was underway." He grinned at her. "Dragoon have any ditties?"

Ezra nodded. "One..." She cleared her throat and began to sing The Song of Scales.

"This distant world, its sands run red with sin
And I shudder
Deep roars of rage, release the fire within, we cry thunder
I see them now, the eyes among the damned. They hunger
I'm faced with only certain death ahead. No surrender

And it was here that every Dragoon began to sing along with her.

"For dragon blood flows through my veins
We do not fall, we do not fade
Through blood and scales, till midnight's end
I'll stand with you, and see that you're defended. Defended..."

Everyone in the bar applauded and Ezra shrank a bit in her seat and fixed her hair while looking sheepishly at Emerson. "Um... yeah that's really the only one..." She was blushing, and now everyone was looking at her after she caused the little singalong to start. She wanted to get out. She wanted to be alone with him.

She had an idea.

"I'd like to see your spaceship." She said, not realizing just how bad that could've sounded in the wrong context.

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