Escape The Attention!

((The Lazy Banth))

Ezra nodded. "One..." She cleared her throat and began to sing The Song of Scales.

"This distant world, its sands run red with sin
And I shudder
Deep roars of rage, release the fire within
We cry thunder
I see them now, the eyes among the damned,
They hunger
I'm faced with only certain death ahead. No surrender

And it was here that every Dragoon began to sing along with her. Emerson could not tear his eyes away from her. He tapped the table in beat and drank his drink, admitting that he was liking her more and more. But when the bar, the entire bar, jumped in, he felt a little like a civvie who got caught in the ship's sing-along. He smiled to himself and beamed at Ezra as they launched into a chorus.

"For dragon blood flows through my veins
We do not fall, we do not fade
Through blood and scales, till midnight's end
I'll stand with you, and see that you're defended. Defended...

Everyone in the bar applauded and Ezra shrank a bit in her seat and fixed her hair while looking sheepishly at Emerson. "Um... yeah that's really the only one..." She was blushing, and now everyone was looking at her after she caused the little singalong to start. She wanted to get out. She wanted to be alone with him.

"That was very good! Not like the ones we have, but you are a natural!" He praised.

Come on, Zeke. First date! Never fall the first. God, it's harder than one thinks... Well, I could show her my ship but she may that the wrong way...

"I'd like to see your spaceship." She said, not realizing just how bad that could've sounded in the wrong context.

Emerson nearly did a spit-take when she said that. He smiled regardless. "Uh, sure! Mind you, it ain't no Razorback that can push nineteen Gs," he said to her, well aware of how messy the rest of the ship was beyond the common areas. "If ya want, we can go now...?" He added, seeing her anxiety shoot up.

"I do," she said, damn near jumping out of her seat to escape attention.

"Hey Singh!" someone called. Holiday grabbed her hand and cane, he had a boyish grin as he hobbled quickly to the door.

The two were giggles as they exploded out into the night. Holiday wondered where the joy came from, that bubbly feeling that came out in such laughter from both. "I see you are well known!" He laughed. When he laced his fingers through hers, it felt right. Better than right, just right! "But you don't really hang around crowds or attention much, huh?"

Ezra shrugged and shook her head no. "I was not expecting half the city to join in..."

Holiday chuckled, thoroughly buzzed and high on excitement. So this is what it feels like to be a kid... Pretty damn accurate, he thought. "That," he said, daring to be a bit closer in their walk, "is what we call in the trade 'the good times.' They just roll!"

He found himself wanting to kiss her and purposely stepped just a bit further to elicit a bit of pain from the healing leg. He winced and thought, You are drunk, Zeke. Don't do stupid shit...

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