Are Those Your Spaceship Keys Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Holiday chuckled, thoroughly buzzed and high on excitement. So this is what it feels like to be a kid... Pretty damn accurate, he thought. "That," he said, daring to be a bit closer in their walk, "is what we call in the trade 'the good times.' They just roll!"

He found himself wanting to kiss her and purposely stepped just a bit further to elicit a bit of pain from the healing leg. He winced and thought, You are drunk, Zeke. Don't do stupid shit...

Seeing him wince she instinctively went to support him to put his weight off his leg. She didn't realize she was holding him and pressing herself up against him until a thick silence fell over them. Ezra didn't realize it, but she was breathing fast. Her heart wanted to bust out of her rib cage.

She found herself wanting to kiss him.

Cool your jets, girl. She said to herself. You're just a little tipsy and that's not making you think straight. Don't go blowing this by being impulsive. You don't want him thinking you're easy. Some dragon riding floosy. Shit, you're not talking, say something. Before you convince yourself that kissing him isn't a bad idea. Though she was already convinced that it wasn't.

"You need to be careful," she said finally. Her voice was so low that he didn't hear her at first. "You're not back to one hundred percent yet." When he adjusted his weight off his bad leg she let him go. "Last thing I need on my conscience is you getting drunk and hurting yourself." She forced a smile. "You just stay there and don't move, I'll call down a taxi. Then you can show me your spaceship..." Suddenly she realized just how not-innocent that sounded. She tried to hide the fact she was blushing as she produced her tac-link from her pocket to call a cab.

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