Dark Mercs

"Fun is your only reason for being, Jhonen." The Queen said with a hint of laughter in her voice. "I think we'll go ahead and add this to our game... The Crimson Rule has been lifted for this moment. Any and all Crimson souls are welcome to try their luck against my dearest Jhonen Cross..." She laughed. "Rather poetic given the circumstances I feel. You get to fail another family... Another daughter..."

Jhonen didn't waste time. With a flick of his metallic wrist, a small harpoon attached to a rope shot out of the Scorpion arm and soared into The Angel of all people. She didn't see it hit her before it was too late. The harpoon plunged into her chest, hooks extended from it and dug themselves deep into her. She sputtered and clutched at the rope as the internal winch inside the arm began to pull with a furious power.

Jhonen had shoved the Dragon's Bane rifle into Jack's arms before the winch pulled him up into the air and towards The Angel who had become pinned to the safety rail of her floating platform by the line. Jack brought the stock to his shoulder, somewhat impressed with the weight of this killing machine. A brief thought passed through him, wondering if this thing could handle more of this rifle.

In this brief moment of flying through the air Jhonen produced his sword with his left hand and, as he reached the platform, severed The Angel's head from her body. He grabbed onto the safety rail and pulled himself over it. The limp, headless body of The Guardian Angel tumbled over the side and crashed to the ground with a dull, wet thud. Jhonen disengaged the harpoon hooks and the arm reeled it back in. Then he pulled his sidearm and turned to Jack.

"Welcome to The Game, Jack Dark!" Jhonen said as he trained his gun on the mecha-merc. "Now fucking shoot that piece of shit!"

No one had to tell Jack. He already started to move, keeping the rifle tight against him as he professionally sent three to four-round bursts into the mecha-merc. Unlike normal humans, mecha-mercs often times switched the position of some their organs. Dragon's Bane rounds did not care though and neither did Jack. Heel to toe, he moved forward aiming at the right side of the body. He knew the primary pump, essentially the heart, was somewhere.

The mecha-merc roared again and grabbed one of the wrecked vehicles to fling. It sailed up towards Cross, making him fall from the device in a crash. Jack propped the rifle against another car to stabilize his shots. Chrome blood seeped from wounds in a brilliant blue, the azure pooling with the consistency of blood if not quite the same color.

Jack had just fired another burst into the center of mass when the merc turned towards him. He lowered his hand, a hole irising open. "Shit," Jack hissed, taking cover.

A shotgun blast pelted his cover. Jack used the time to check the magazine and saw he had half of it left. He still had his revolver and MagSecs as well as his flashbang. That final item gave him an idea.

Gonna have to get close now... he thought. Another blast, this time from the other direction. Jack peeked and saw Cross giving as good as he got. He had to admire the brass balls this guy had. Jack grabbed his flashbang and slid over the riddled hood of the car, breaking into a full sprint. Cross was still engaging the thing.

If I can get this in that hole... Might be able to stun it!

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