Girls the beach O what the hell

Looking what there was to drink Samuel felt like all eyes were on him. He glanced around not only the two Anna and Crystal watching him, but they had drawn a crowd of people. Looking at the them and the dragons. Some would get too close the low rumbling growling of the dragons could be heard. They would back off parents would grab their kids and walk away.

Anna got his attention with "Just a beer...". She had a look and body language of something else on her mind. "Want one? It's on me." Anna said. “Sure” he answered looking at the bartender “one in a class and a shot of whisky if you would.” Asked Samuel. Looking back at Anna “Thanks” he says with a warm smile. He had never seen her in this light or way. most of the time they were in uniform or working out but mostly clothed. The bikini look suited her well defined body was attractive in many ways and her body language says she is not shy to say what she wants. Samuel asked himself this old man? With all the guys here why me? the thought of a night with her was well exciting.

The bartender placed the glass of beer on the bar and the shot next to it. Samuel pick up the shot and dropped in shot glass and all into the beer. As it sinks the whisky saying in the shot glass. He heard Crystal say “umm fruit punch. I got a bow” she said holding the weapon out for him to inspect.

Samuel tuned to look at it “Nice, it’s made really nice.” He Answered. She was smiling like a kid with a new toy but her face was blushing some was she trying to get my attention to? This would be any mans dream. But he still had to work with them and see them every day. they were a team and his military instincts told him to be careful.

Anna downed her beer. One thing Samuel knew Anna could drink and that could always be fun. Anna smiled at Crystal. "Maybe you two could go flying together? Crystal loves flying Tempest, she's pretty good at aerobatics." She lit up slightly. "Oh! That's it. You two should see who can do the craziest trick in the air! A contest! What do you guys think of that?"

Not being stupid Samuel saw the ploy of Anna trying to set them up. but she could not hide what she was thinking her eyes gave her away. but if this was going to happen with ether of them, he would not be going to be pushed into it. “All three of us. can put on a show for the people here.

Samuel noticed Memnon and Vuelo approaching. He only knew them only by reputation. The and from Wendigo's ops. But they were was an old friend of Jhonen.

"I see you've come to crash another of our parties." Anna said with a smile. "I don't think we've been properly introduced. I'm Anna, this is Crystal and Samuel." Downing his beer and whisky shot putting the glass down. He put his arms around Cristal and Annas shoulders placing his hand on their shoulders just pulling them in a bit. “The real party is here, welcome!” said Samuel. He wondered if that was too much, but this would test the waters with Cristal and Anna. And very well tell him what he needed to know.

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